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Trogon Lodge San Gerardo De Dota
San Jose Airport - Door To Door Service - Private And Shared Shuttles

San Gerardo De Dota Shuttles and Transfers From San Jose Airport Or Any Location you need to get pick up

Trogon Lodge How You Want To Travel

Shuttle and transfers -San Gerardo De Dota is a hidden gem nestled in the Talamanca Mountains of Costa Rica. Known for its lush green forests, stunning waterfalls, and exotic wildlife, San Gerardo De Dota is a nature lover's paradise.

The village is surrounded by beautiful cloud forests that are home to a vast array of flora and fauna, including the famous Resplendent Quetzal, one of the most beautiful birds in the world. Visitors can take guided nature tours to explore the forests and observe the local wildlife, which includes hummingbirds, toucans, and many other exotic bird species

SJO Airport TO San Gerardo Shuttle Transfers

Full - SUV


1 - 3 Passengers

SJO Airport TO San Gerardo Shuttle Transfers


Private - Shared

3 to 10 Passengers

SJO Airport TO San Gerardo Shuttle Transfers



1 - 3 Passengers

For Private Service

Free Unlimited Waiting Time in Case Your Flight Is Delayed Is Included In The Price

On a private service we’ll take directly to your destination once you get to the waiting area at airport from where Our representative will pick you up

How To Find Us At The Airport

We'll Have One Of Our Representatives Holding A Sign With Your Name On It He'll be waiting Out Side The Terminal On The Waiting Area You'll See A Lot Of People On This Area Just Keep In Mind To Look For Your name the Driver Will have full Details Of Your Trip


The Day Before Your Arrival We’ll Send You A Picture Of The Sign You’ll Look For Once You Have Arrived To Liberia Airport This Way You’ll Have An Idea On What To Look For.

Liberia Airport Shuttle Service

Shared Service

Waiting Time Is Up To 1 Hour 30 Minutes After You have landed on a shared service you have have to keep in

mind you’ll have to wait for other passengers at the airport before getting the group ready to depart this

could add an extra 25 to 40 minutes wait at the airport

Flight Delays And Cancellations 

Can Be Very Disruptive Of Your Travel Plans. That’s why Liberia Airport Shuttle´s Fares Include Unlimited Waiting Time In Case Of Flight Delays. If Your Flight Is Cancelled, You Can Re-book At No Extra Cost By Simply Sending Us Your New Flight Information By Email Or By Calling Our Customer Service +1-888-202-8568

Making The Payment

For Your Convenience, Liberia Airport Shuttle Service Accepts Visa - MasterCard - American Express - Discover 

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