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ATV Tours Guanacaste Airport


ATV Tours in Guanacaste

Explore the Costa Rican jungle landscape on your own ATV mountain tour. Our experienced tour guides will take you on a true adventure through the winding jungle roads. On this tour, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of driving your ATV through the photo-perfect back trails of Guanacaste's famous jungle-covered mountains. After climbing the mountains we can stop to see breathtaking views from around 1200' foot elevations, and continue the adventure along Costa Rica's Pacific coast.
ATV Tour Guanacaste
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These biodiverse mountain areas are teeming with tropical wildlife; and if you are lucky you might see all kinds of different species of birds,  butterflies, monkeys, and maybe even jungle cats. Ride around and explore the countryside surrounding the small towns dotted in and about the area, while you ride past cantaloupe farms and see waterfalls if they are in season (rainy season typically from June-October). During the ATV tour we can also ride past some centuries-old rural farmhouses. This is a thrilling experience to be able to remember your wonderful time in Costa Rica.


Jet Ski + ATV

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Stop at some of Guanacaste's beautiful beaches and enjoy a variety of different types of geography, wildlife, and plant life unique to each location. Next, you'll hop on a Jet Ski. The Jet Ski portion of your tour comprises two enticing hours, allowing you to explore the Pacific Ocean and visit gorgeous beaches only accessible by sea. Hug the coastline and have the option of snorkeling at locations specially chosen for your group by your guide.


Jet Ski

Be adventurous! Two hours of ATVs, two hours of Jet Skis, and lots of sensational vistas and beaches. Explore the back roads of Guanacaste's rugged terrain with us for two exciting hours. Hop on your ATV and ride to enjoy spectacular views. Take pictures and see the top of the world. Then, ride down the mountains as you explore the jungles on the way back to sea level. Now for a scenic ride down the coastline for which Costa Rica is deservedly famous.
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